Relocating to San Francisco for 2 years after growing up in Los Angeles opened my eyes to the incredible injustices that happen to people because of rising rent costs. I encountered countless San Franciscans tired of paying $3,000+ for 500 sqft of living space. Landlords not caring to upkeep apartments, having a “tough luck” mentality. The stories of the “Mission Fires” in apartment complexes to kick out rent controlled tenants still makes my skin crawl. I wish that wasn’t true.  But it is. For so many fighting over real estate in that beautiful city by the Bay, owning a home is not even a pipe dream. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With LA just a short 6 hours south and 503 square miles, there are so many neighborhoods that mirror those of SF. I’m writing this blog to teach you all about them.

I moved back to Los Angeles after having lived in San Francisco for two years, when my husband was offered an amazing job opportunity. I was excited to reconnect with my LA family and friends, and even more, about the opportunity to dive head first back into the real estate market here. I have been licensed since 2006 and have a strong background in both SF and LA markets, escrow, loan process and loan origination. Each week, I’ll compare similar neighborhoods from SF and LA so you can see how they stack up. You can also check on my website under “Real Estate Tips” on how to prepare yourself for your home purchase. If you’re looking to relocate, I’m your gal!




I am a forward-thinking, service-oriented person who creates win-win scenarios in every transaction. Real estate has allowed my bold talents in communication, new media, marketing, operations, relationship building and social good to shine.

I have been a licensed agent since 2006 with a strong background in escrow, loan process and hard money lending, and have experience in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco real estate markets.

When I am not selling houses or helping people find their dream homes, I am working on helping low-income youth become entrepreneurs. Please contact me about The Little CEOs, if you’d like to get involved.


Veronica Morales Frieling