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Where to live in LA, if you love Nob Hill


Hand-tailored suits and couture handbags strut through Beverly Hills, a label-friendly Los Angeles destination whose celebrity status only soars higher when grouped with its star-studded neighbors, Bel Air and West Hollywood. Away from famed Rodeo Drive’s designer boutiques and swanky cafes, exclusive mansions hide in the hillsides to shield themselves from the paparazzi. Beverly Hills’ untouchably flawless exterior comes at a cost, so be ready to hear the cha-ching of registers and the applause of credit card companies when you arrive.

Check out how Nob Hill stacks up with Beverly Hills.

Nob Hill

Know before you go: some people call it “Snob Hill.” Also, there are a lot of swanky hotels on top of the hill, aka: lots and lots tourists. Still, there’s no denying it’s a gorgeous spot, thanks to Grace Cathedral and the amazing views.

Beverly Hills

For when you’ve grown tired of eating money for breakfast and need something else to do with it.

Who lives here:

Upper-class families; young urban professionals; old money

Who lives here:

Elderly movie producers. Somebody you know’s grandparents. Jed Clampett.

Median one-bedroom rent:


Median one-bedroom rent:


Bar and restaurant scene:

Nob Hill isn’t really known for its restaurants, but if you’re in the mood to drink with tourists, head to Top of the Mark or the Tonga Room.

Bar and restaurant scene:

It has some of the most acclaimed restaurants in LA. Beverly Hills is nothing but upscale eating and drinking. If you’re prepared to shell out the money necessary, you can have some meals that will change your life (like at places like Urasawa).

Public transit situation:

You could take the California St cable car, or you could not do that and instead take the 1-California or the 27-Bryant.

Transportation situation:

Similar to the Beverly Grove situation, but with less traffic. However, if you live in Beverly Hills, you can probably afford a private helicopter to take you to a private jet to fly you wherever you need.

Quote from a resident:

“There’s no better daily reminder to be grateful for where I live than when a bunch of tourists wave and screech with joy as they pass my apartment on a cable car. I mean, I guess I have tourists yelling outside my apartment every day, but their excitement for my little charming-as-fuck neighborhood is contagious. And this place really does feel magical — like living in a postcard. After five years, watching the wild parrots fly across the most gorgeous views in all the city every twilight still takes my breath away. Of course, that could also have something to do with the massive hill I likely just struggled up, too. “ – Amy Copperman

Quote from a resident:

“Money is so legit. I love money. Money.”

More about Beverly Hills


4a054ab052cf45e29eeb1eee8c70f857_da2hd5Courtesy of Dots Spaces

Dots Spaces

Dots Spaces is a co-working space that offers no deposits, month-to-month, 24/7, all inclusive, conference room, meeting room, calling rooms, printing, scanning, faxing, mailing, coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, teas, fruits & snacks. Plenty of parking options, which can be further discussed.



downloadCourtesy of Aharon Coffee

Aharon Coffee

Aharon Coffee roast coffee exclusively using authentic artisan small-batch roasting methods. Their roasting techniques enhances the roast development of the coffee bean, allowing the natural oils of the bean to reveal the full palate of flavors that each coffee embodies. A perfect cup, every time.


sr16755421cn                                             Courtesy of: Monica Acosta, Strategic Realty

2038 Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Welcome to Benedict Canyon Drive. Hidden behind some large lush trees, is a 3 bedroom and 3 1/2 bathroom home with expansive vaulted ceilings and tons of skylights. This home also features 2 master bedrooms, one with a large balcony looking over the spacious backyard. For your entertainment, you have a huge den, play room area and even a loft with a secret entrance. Off the large breakfast nook, is the kitchen with granite counter tops, built in stove top and plenty of cabinet space. Off to the kitchen, is the laundry area with plenty of storage space. The den bathroom has two glass bowl sinks with lots of counter space, skylights and Jacuzzi tub. The large backyard has plenty of room for a pool and still has room for entertaining family, friends or just a romantic dinner for two.

Asking | $1,599,000

• 3 bed

• 3 bath




Written by: Airbnb,  Daisy Barringer, and Wilder Shaw



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