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Where to live in LA, if you love Excelsior


If New York City’s Brooklyn neighborhoods were bathed in sunshine, they might find their west coast counterpart in Los Angeles’ Highland Park. Not too far from Downtown, this northeast LA neighborhood is on the fast track to mass appeal. Historic homes combine with corridors replete with modern amenities and cozy bookshops tucked-away in secret corners. Despite its analog attitude, Highland Park’s evolution continues as it’s propelled by another moving accouterment—the Metro Rail Gold Line easily connects commuters to the rest of the city.

Yes, pretty much all of SF is similar to Highland Park. But check out how it specifically matches up to the Excelsior.


South of the Mission, this neighborhood is low-key and next to the city’s second-biggest park.

Highland Park

For when you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of what is almost certainly going to be LA’s newest “spot.”

Who lives here:

It’s actually one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in SF with lots of families.

Who lives here:

One of the most diverse populations of any LA neighborhood. If you’re lucky, you’ll live here before it becomes too expensive.

Median one-bedroom rent:


Average one-bedroom rent:


Bar and restaurant scene:

Lots of Asian and Mexican restaurants. A few local watering holes, like Broken Record (make sure you get the burger there).

Bar and restaurant scene:

It’s starting slow, but soon it’ll be huge. In the meantime, there are some superstar places like La Cuevita and El Huarache Azteca.

Public transit situation:

Eh… the M and the J will get you close.

Transportation situation:

The 110. That’s about it.

Quote from a resident:

“It can feel sort of desolate and if not for the fact that I have a view of the Mission, I might not feel like I’m actually in San Francisco. It’s way affordable though and since I work south of the city, it sort of makes sense for my commute. Also, I have two dogs, so McClaren Park, which is always empty, is basically our backyard.” – Megan

Quote from a resident:

“I like having access to the stuff in Pasadena without paying the rent prices in Pasadena.”


More about Highland Park


0f6c9dcc95e5e4be36a06c4901b14904Courtesy of Tierra Mia Coffee

Tierra Mia Coffee

Tierra Mia Coffee’s 10th location is a cozy store located on a quiet residential street in Los Angeles’ Highland Park neighborhood.  The cafe is located next door to the popular La Fuente Mexican Restaurant and across the street from Riordan Elementary.


16-185652_402a34b2-c6a3-4546-9d77-6d74ea817029                                                Courtesy of: Peter Paik, GMC Realty Advisors

5927 La Prada Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Discover your sanctuary in the hidden hills of Highland Park. Surrounded by 360 degree view of Los Angeles, this secluded sanctuary offers privacy and tranquility to you and your beloved family after a long day. Securely park your vehicle in spacious 2 car garage, and walk up the wooden stairs, surrounded by large trees, where you can find an open patio that captures the whole view of Los Angeles. After being engulfed by the stunning view, head back into your newly renovated home with shining new hard floors and unique wooden sliding doors that give extra nature-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy cooking your favorite meals in your spacious kitchen with custom-made cabinets for maximized storage and enhanced kitchen table top. Relax in your extra bonus room during the day by reading your favorite novel as abundant sunlight fills the whole room with its warm light shining through numerous large windows.

Asking | $789,000

• 3 bed

• 2 bath

• 948 sqft

If you’re ready for sunny days and a mortgage cheaper than your Bay Area rent call me directly at 805-300-9009.


Written by: Daisy Barringer, and Wilder ShawAirbnb, Tierra Mia Coffee


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