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Where to live in LA, if you love Cow Hollow

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Cradled within the San Fernando Valley, Studio City’s stylish small-town allure is equally adored by entertainment industry elite and elementary-school PTA leaders. In step with the trends, Studio City’s main boulevards brim with organic soft-serve dessert shops and yoga studios specializing in savasana. Staying in Studio City means you’re separated from the coast, but getting to oceanfront destinations like Santa Monica is simple with a car.

We’ve set Studio City and Cow Hollow side by side to see how they match up. Check it out!

Cow Hollow

It’s like the Marina’s big sister with lots of good restaurants and plenty of gyms to work off the calories after.

Studio City

For when you’re sick of Sherman Oaks but don’t want to leave the Valley.

Who lives here:

Young urban professionals; families with children

Who lives here:

Families, actors, and ex-film students

Median one-bedroom rent:


Median one-bedroom rent:


Bar and restaurant scene:

Union and Fillmore Sts are home to tons of great restaurants and bars including Atelier Crenn, Belga, Umami, Terzo, and Balboa Café. The bar scene skews a little younger, but the Bus Stop is a great place to watch sports, Ottimista is perfect for an after-work drink, and Black Horse London Pub is probably the most intimate (partially because it’s the smallest) bar in the city.

Bar and restaurant scene:

Congratulations, you’ve just moved to the sushi mecca of the entire city (debatably the entire world). There are fun new bars and restaurants popping up all the time, as well Carney’s, an old train car that now serves some of the best chili burgers in LA.

Public transit situation: T

here’s no train, but the 30, 45, 41, 49, 3, and 43 are all right there.

Transportation situation:

The 101 and 170 are easy to get to, and will be your primary freeways. North Hollywood isn’t far, so it’s also fairly easy to get to the Red & Orange lines.

Quote from a resident:

“If you don’t mind dodging the endless stream of yoga pants and double-wide strollers, Cow Hollow is a great area to live. Old-school gems like the Brazenhead, Perry’s, and Black Horse seem like they were plucked right out of Maupin’s San Francisco. And if you need a respite, Allyne Park is a hidden oasis away from the madness of Union St.” – @tvham

Quote from a resident:

I love Studio City because my house is here.”

More about Studio City


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screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-7-55-32-pmCourtesy of Coffee Source

Coffee Source

Studio City’s Coffee Source feels like a no-frills personal coffee roastery that just happens to let in customers. You may even end up sitting around their jet black Giesen roaster while you work and sip an espresso.


16-152096_3b346250-949f-45d9-8250-7f1dad69d0b8                                     Courtesy of: Anna Hae Ran Gee, Masters Realty Group

12455 Hortense Street, Studio City, CA 91604

This home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Good opportunity to Investor and Developer. wood-burning fireplaces in living room andfamily room. Large swimming pool with spacious patio in view of family room. Wooden floors and dual-pane windows throughout, with lots of natural light. Gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops and breakfast bar. Cabin style family room with built-in wooden bookcase. New central AC and heating system, new copper plumbing, in-house washer/dryer hookup and two-car garage. Gable front house with bay windows in Studio City, located minutes away from Ventura Boulevard dinning and shopping.

Asking | $890,000

• 3 bed

• 2 bath

• 1,481 sqft


If you’re ready for sunny days and a mortgage cheaper than your Bay Area rent call me directly at 805-300-9009.







Written by Daisy Barringer,  Wilder Shaw: Airbnb, and OfficeSlice CoWorking


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