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Where to live in LA, if you love Cole Valley


More red wagon than red carpet, Atwater Village is a residential neighborhood that focuses on farmers’ markets and family ties. This northeast LA community has grown up since its days as a destination for the fashion-forward. Now, Atwater Village emanates a well-balanced attitude with a wholesome affinity for upscale shopping and down-to-earth dining along the Los Angeles River. To best enjoy the offerings of Atwater Village and its surrounding East Side neighborhoods, choose a car.

See how Atwater Village measures up to Cole Valley.

Cole Valley

Cole Valley is a little village with shops, bars, and restaurants. If you don’t want to leave, you almost never have to. And it’s close to Golden Gate Park.

Atwater Village

For when you’re not quite ready to start a family.

Who lives here:

Families with babies and dogs

Who lives here:

Young couples. Equestrians. Thrillist writers.

Median one-bedroom rent:


Median one-bedroom rent:


Bar and restaurant scene:

Zazie is a brunch go-to even for people not in Cole Valley; Say Cheese offers tasty sandwiches; and Padrecito serves up fancy Mexican food and legit cocktails. The bartenders at Finnegans Wake aren’t afraid of a strong drink and it has an outside area with a ping-pong table. InoVino is a great choice for a glass of wine and a first date. And the Ice Cream Bar has boozy milkshakes. See? You never have to leave!

Bar and restaurant scene:

A solid mix of hole-in-the-wall gems (like the Village Bakery & Café) and guilty fast-food pleasures. A great place to be if you can’t decide between Panda Express and an acclaimed mom-and-pop breakfast burrito joint.

Public transit situation:

The N-Judah is your best bet, but the 43-Masonic, 37-Corbett, and 6-Parnassus are also right there.

Transportation situation:

Right near the 5, which is cash-money because you can connect easily to the 134, 101, 170, and 110. Boom. FREEWAYS!

Quote from a resident:

“I love Cole Valley because it’s central to everything and has pretty much everything I could need, including good Mexican and French food, sushi, and a shop dedicated to cheese. Plus, it feels like a real community, which is something my dog and I really appreciate.” – @daisy

Quote from a resident:

“It’s a great hub between everything in you love in Glendale, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz without all the hustle and bustle — and the cheap rent lends itself very well to being a broke, freelance content writer.”

More about Atwater Village


image1Courtesy of Kate Wertheimer

Kaldi Coffee

This quaint little shop—smack in the center of Atwater Village, and recognizable by the curious goat peeking over its front windowpane—serves up standard pastry fare and fresh coffee (their iced is top-notch). It’s reminiscent of college town shops, with a comfy, shabby couch in the window nook and local art (sometimes impressive, sometimes a distracting eyesore) on the walls, which are plentiful with plugs. Folks in here are actually working, quietly—it’s not a place to gab or to see and be seen—though the tables out on the sidewalk afford a more social setting for your caffeine consumption.



imageCourtesy of Timeout

Proof Bakery

Na Young Ma’s bakery is where locals drop in for morning coffee from Cognoscenti (originally in Culver City) and baked goods like buttery croissants and brioche toast slathered with local Sqirl jam. The caffeine is tops here, don’t get us wrong, but lines out the door mostly appear around noon, when the bakery brings out its famous sandwiches. Options include marinated beets, herb pesto and goat cheese; or salami, manchego and chive butter (there are veg options as well) on lightly salted, still-warm-from-the-oven mini baguettes. Grab one—they go fast!—and snag one of the few seats inside or on the sidewalk patio, where you’ll get a vista of pretty much the entire Village while you sip your joe.






Originally written by: Airbnb, TimeoutDaisy Barringer, and Wilder Shaw


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